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DC vs. Istanbul, Round 3: Memes

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Usually my Istanbul, DC and Internet worlds don’t overlap a whole lot, so when they do it’s a bit of a shock. Such is the case with Internet-meme-of-the-moment “Shit ________ Say.” Somehow, both Istanbul and DC have versions of this meme up on YouTube already. I wouldn’t place either version in my top-five, but they’re not too bad.

Washington, D.C.:

Personally resonant? “Where are you from originally?”, ridiculous prices for tiny apartments, H street and its metro-inconvenience. I don’t think I’ve been here long enough for some of the other bits, though. Maybe next time I’m in training…


Unbelievably familiar: “Ohmigod I haven’t seen you in ages!”, parties for all reasons, random and frequent couchsurfers. I would’ve appreciated a bit more Turkishness or Istanbulness though; some of the bits were more pan-Istanbul-expat but quite a few seemed somewhat group-specific. And I have to mute every time it flashes back to the girl asking, “Ne? Ne?”

Winner: Everyone. It’s hard to single out one of these as “better.” I will say though that I recognized me/friends of mine/acquaintances in a lot more of the Istanbul bits than the DC bits.

Maalesef there seems to be no “Shit Ankaralilar Say” as of yet.


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